Updating debian apt

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For example, the following adds the package [email protected]:~$ sudo -E apt-get install tcpreplay Reading package lists...

Done Building dependency tree Reading state information...

If you know any other preferred way, do let us know via comments or if you were looking for yum command to disable/lock package update, then read this below article.

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The apt tool gives you freedom to choose what you want to update, but for this you should have knowledge about what all packages are available for up-gradation.

For such a thing, following set of commands can prove to be helpful: a. In this article, we’ve explained few ways to disable/block or blacklist package updates using APT way.

Description-md5: f01841bfda357d116d7ff7b7a47e8782 Homepage: [email protected]:~$. This retrieves the package from the Cumulus Linux repository and installs it on your system together with any other packages that this package might depend on.

In this article we will see various techniques to disable/lock package from install, upgrade and remove in Debian Linux and its derivatives such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

The command apt-mark will mark or unmark a software package as being automatically installed and it is used with option hold or unhold. This file holds responsibility of updating or blocking certain package updates according to priority specified by the user.

APT means Advanced Packaging Tool is another package manager found on Linux based systems.

Initially designed as a front-end for dpkg to work with packages, apt has succeeded to show his visibility on Mac OS, Open Solaris etc.

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