Tyler durden dating skills review

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It’s mental masturbation of clueless, frustrated guys following absurd dating theories because they lack the experiences others made in high school to draw their own conclusions from. He is trying to make a woman like him by being nice and buying flowers. He is trying to make a woman like him by being confident and not buying her a drink.The PUA repeats the AFC’s fatal error, just with all these oh-so sophisticated dating theories.Pickup advice claims to build upon evolutionary biology and social psychology, but have you ever heard of any guru having any kind of academic experience in these fields?I don’t care how many percent of ape males fuck how many percent of ape females in a tribe, and I don’t care how peacocks attract their females.“) just shows how clueless and deluded these people are.There are a lot of bullshit information thrown around, being misinterpreted and treated as facts.

Shady business strategies, horrendously overpriced bootcamps and products, fake reviews, forum censorship, marketing lies, empty promises, unqualified instructors, … A reason for this ‘elite secret society’ image is that those companies want to keep their rip-off business models hidden from the public eye.A lot of what is called ‘Inner Game’ is actually amateur psychology.Many men can’t get laid because they have underlying mental issues they’re not aware of, and instead of seeing a trained therapist to deal with their anxieties or insecurities or low self-esteem, they turn to the Pickup Community for help, where utterly unqualified people (with no academic experience in this field whatsoever) teach them twisted theories about Ego, Frame and Limiting Beliefs or how to fix their confidence with tapping and hypnosis.Not only is much of this stuff useless (or even damaging in itself), it’s harmful because it keeps you from seeking professional help.It’s like people who stop seeing their doctor because some guru told them that excessive praying or meditation or whatever esoteric trend will cure all their illnesses.

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