Shira oka dating sim

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A good method that tends to work well is: WKD: Mental activity WKE: Any activity WKD: Physical Acitivy WKE: Rest Events can interrupt this flow, but in general this will keep your character with enough energy to generally do well in activities. Even with quirks and stats maxed and fully rested, you can still fail. Certain events will have a chain of multiple day events. However, this can be altered by talking to Satsuko or calling a friend and setting up a date. No, you have to back until you get everyone's ending. =============== | Grading Scale | =============== These are the scores nessdary to pass the exams. 90 / 80 / 70 / 60 / 50 ------------ | Activities | ------------ Each activity has a better version of it with the exception of sports training which has both a better and worse version. That is the basic premise why behind the backstory. * If you get sent back, its not the end of the game. If that happens, you can't do anything except manditory events and your stats will decrease. Satsuko won't send your character back because he makes Al Gore seem enjoyable or can't tell the difference between pajama pants and jeans. Satsuko will raise the bar on what grades you need to keep and you could find your character can't meet her expectations. Each week is pre-defined what will occur based on the activity you chose. Yea, you'd think that'd be game over, rescued the pricess and all that. There are very few games where the character can pursue either sex. -------------- | Hints & Tips | -------------- This section is meant to be a general hint section. While there are sometimes male character romances in Japanese dating sims as a possible ending, they are usually bad or gag endings or the game is specifically designed around male romance. I will give tips and strategies, but I will assume everyone can learn to play the game on their own. I will upgrade this guide with info as I find it or it is sent to me.Shira Oka is an original English dating sim that you might have heard of.It’s notable, sort of–the OP has real animation in it–but it otherwise flew under the radar in anime fandom (the indie game crowd might be different).The key here is that what I call the of the game–the inner mechanics that move the story along–remains invisible for a very long time.

Flaws are flaws, though, and “charming” is as close to emotionally affecting as it gets. Essentially, dating sims are meant to be immersive.======= | Alice | ======= ===== | Aya | ===== ========= | Satsuko | ========= ========= | Hiroshi | ========= ======== | Kasumi | ======== Special note: You cannot get Kasumi's end until you've seen everyone's end. ======== | Kazuki | ======== ====== | Kiku | ====== ======= | Naoko | ======= ====== | Rena | ====== ===== | Yui | ===== ----------------- | Version History | ----------------- 0.1 - Initial Release 0.11 - Added info on Satsuko thanks to Shirafuzzi Corrected grade info. ;format:gf-markup ------------------------------------------- | Shira Oka: Second Chances FAQ/Walkthrough | | by Lord_God_Jinnai | ------------------------------------------- This is a walkthrough for Shira Oka: Second Chanes. * Future cycles in which you try to save Yui by pushing her out without any backup. Satsuko will send you back only if you get 8 Fs throughout the course of the school year at first. Being mentally exhausted will lower your character's Science/Math, Literature and Art/Music scores by one letter grade. If you have a high enough Sports, you can join the swimming club as a full member; if not, you can join as a towel manager.You can always find the latest version of this document at As the game progresses, she will start doing so for higher grades as complete different endings. If your character is both, everything is lowered a letter grade. These don't replace normal Sports training and will end at certain point.

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