Pef and not mandating nursing overtimes

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19.04 13,09 24.02 .25,04 26,05 26,07 27.06 27.09 28,01 28.02 28.14 33,01 33.03 34,02 34,03 34,20 31.02 35,-03 Rosponsej in Sta Ui Educi!

liot»al Finiin L-u Sy^^tuin B w Serrano vs, Prmst: Comieutiuut , Mussiicluist Hts, Mirinesota, anu ^/iiginifj Mu|ih Dricipiinar,v Symposium on ihn Possiiilo if = fecii on Year-round Education on Coniinuniiy , School, Paniily ond Child A Report on the Study of the Prufiissorship In Educational Administration Slate and Federaf Qovernanre of Educiitinn Tiacher Negotiations: Problems and Processes The Analysis of Educational Policy : A Pr O[|fuss Report Improving idueation Through the Use of Com= puieri: Strategies for National Changi Innovaii On; Implemintation and Evaluation Four Prgvocative Research Reports from 1972 on Mathematics fdueation K-12 Curriculum Dicislon Making-Thiory and Practice The Open Curriculunii Recent Research Public Belief, Communication, and Curriculum Change Large Scale Evaluation Modeii Curriculum Developments Modes and Measurei Multiple Publics, Priorities, Schools, Universitiei.

Abstracts appear in the chronological order of presentation consistent with the listing of sessions in the Program- symposia and experim Bntal sessions have bs Bn identifiad throughouf all ' others are paper SBsslon abstracts.

All indices refer to chronological session numbers, not to page numbirs.

Prnstige ^ Race as n Factor jn Level of Undersianding Betwo Rn Counselnr gnfj Clhint Sex-f Qle Diivelopmeni arid Su^^ism Thfi Pupr I Personnel Service Stsiff and School Innova- tion Caroer Dovglapment fn Young Children Criiidjil Rfisearch needu jn Cor Timunity Mental Hialth, Rihabilitoti&n Couniellng and College CQunsoljng Perspectives on Fen Tali iducalion From Emerion to Devvgy Urbin Educati Cial History Equaiip/ of Educational Opportunity: Ethriit Per- spectives Lfarnlng In Publie Placos Adolescenee and Soeial Reform In Historical Pgr- gpective Doing History i Sonie Notes 'Toward A Pedagogy Youth Moverrients in Comparative Perspectlwa iiitii and Education in Westorn Europe Film and Gont Emp Qrary History Education Research, Social Selenee, and Public Policy Social Context of Early Childhood Education Sodal Perceptions of Bliek Stu^nts The College and Uriiveriity Conte Nt and Student/ Faculty Attitudes The Political Coritixt of School Policy Some Riflictions on Educitlonai Researeh Educavional Inn Qyation Schools, Society and Mastery Learriing A Two-Level Model of Teacher Soeiiljiation: The Concept and Some Evidence Educational Sociology.* Tool for Action or Tool for Thought?

'""^ S"-Fo"=^ Through Cl^srooms "'^^ 19.18 Evqiuation of Affemivo Factors in Education ERIC viii ABSTRACTS 2.02 STUDIES \N PUPIL CONTROL (C) Social Exchange in the Eiamentary School Clasiro Gm: The Froblem of Teacher Legitlmition of Sociil Power RALPH W.10.10 10.15 13.01 13.06 14.03 15.03 Silected Reiearch Reports The Applistion of a Madil for the Evaluation of iducaiional Producis Statistics; Data Analysii Studies of Teaching Abstract 'Concrete Dimension of Culture Fair Con- cept Formation and Problem Solving Ass Dismeni Statistics Student Ratings of Instrurflon Risearch Methodology I Problgms in ivaluaiion Porformance Testing Repiatid Teiting: Interpreting the Results Evaluation of Innos^tions Test Development jj Methodological Prablemi Researeh Studiei Involving IQ Testing Statistics: Anoya Prediction and Measurement Measurement Methodology I Statistici: Multfvsfiate Procedures Selected Papiri II Myasuremint: Validaiion of Tisti Maine Assisiment of Educational Progresi The National Teit€quating Study in Reading M&asurement Methodolagy II Research Methodology II Data Collection Problems and techniques in Re- search and Evaluation Studies Career Development Research: Implications and Direction Counielor Discriminative Stimulii Empirical Invisii^ gation and Application to Counselor Training People, Programs and Organlzationi: Tfii Effective Ingredients of Hurran Resouree Divelopment Student Rtactions to Community Coiiiges and the Attrition Problem Reieareh on Occupational Clasilflcation Alternative Esfpianations for Individual Differenci S in Social lehavlor of Preschoolers Career Development of Womtn The National Logltudinal Study of the High School .Cla Si of 1972 The Ethnic Variable In Counsellngi Three ixper^ imental Studies Research in Counieling^ Future Directions Homoiexuality; Out of the iducitional Closet Computer Simulation of Client Behawior The Self 'Concept and Affectivt Education 15.08 15.11 15.13 17.06 19.32 19.25 20.01 Division F 3.02 3.03 5.01 7.01 7.02 9.01 14.07 14.08 16.01 16.02 Division G 20.06 24.01 24.03 25,09 25.10 28.03 27.01 27,04 27,07 28.07 28.09 29.01 29,10 33.09 33.13 34.07 34.08 Carenr Doveloprn Qnt and Daeiston Making Rgitiarch Oc Gup,itional Typfis and Occuoaiionn!Strong teacher control, pupil negative affect, and application of previous learning decreasid for- both groups while teacher acceptance increased, Two interact ions were signiflcanti Perceived Supervisorv Style and Teaching Confiden Ee CURTIS OSBURN, DANIEL L.MERRITT, Indiana Slate University, ■and JOHN W, SANDE RS, Westmir College of Iowa This study used Blumberg's Supervisory Model as the basis of an examination of relationships between perceived supervisory style of pooperating teachers and expressed teaching confldenci of preservlce teachers.

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