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While the thugs take out one of Keane’s Secret Service guys, Carrie takes her into a service elevator and pulls the emergency-stop button. He clues us in that 60 government officials, including a U. senator, are currently in military jail in connection with the assassination attempt on Keane, and insists we’re headed for “civil war.” Meanwhile, Carrie reassures a room full of intelligence officials; Keane is too paranoid to meet with any of them, so Carrie’s acting as her liaison.

She calmly informs Keane she’s in danger and they’re currently “in a kill-zone.” (Thanks for the tip! Saul tries to catch Carrie after the meeting; he notes they haven’t spoken since Quinn’s memorial. So it’s true.) She bristles when he notes she didn’t speak at Quinn’s service; he insists she’s going too hard, and is bound to “hit a wall.” She tells him to stop worrying about her, and storms off to the Oval Office, where Keane is waiting.

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