Dating a crack addict

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I need advice, is my marriage over because of Meth? Guidelines for a healthy relationship Is this the behavior of a bag whore or prostitute?

Here are some so called "white lies" that most people seem to think are OK, including the person being lied to.

These lies are still lies none-the-less but the person lying compassionately chooses to lie over causing the very likely consequences by telling the truth, such as hurting someone's feelings, helping to lower someone's self confidence, etc. Due to a high tolerance for the meds he takes, he occasionally needs more than the script calls for.

He has run out of meds and as a consequence has missed work because of withdrawals which he felt terrible about.

Remember: you didnt cause it, you cant control it and you cant cure it. But he doesn't appear to me to be doing anything but abusing your kindness..

In love with person who introduced me to Meth Engaged to a meth addict - What should I do? The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.She was never understanding, always saying "I grew up with an addict step dad and I'll be damned if I'm gonna be married to one..need to stop this BS".He got into the safe and got more out himself to avoid a confrontation. Dating an addict Sex and dating in early recovery Should I date a recovered Meth user?When an addict says, "I love you" Can Meth make someone sick by kissing? Meth Addict Relationships Can a meth addict really have a relationship?

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