Barbra streisand dating robert redford

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“They say that when a person goes to heaven, God doesn’t ask 'how well were you loved? It’s hard, but I do try to do that in life.” Like every mother, the most unconditional form of love she’s experienced is that for her 44-year-old actor and film-maker son, Jason.When I ask which single career highlight she would relive if she could, there’s only one that stands out – and it’s for entirely unprofessional reasons.They’re a daily reminder of everything she’s achieved since her days as a teenage nightclub singer in Greenwich Village.There was a sense of unusual musical awareness as early as 13, she recalls, when her mother, “who had a very pretty voice”, took her along to a studio to record a song and Streisand took exception to the pianist’s extended solo, telling him in no uncertain terms to cut it down.“When they tried me out as a host on TV I found that I just couldn’t be that gregarious person.I was stranger than that.” A year after marrying her first husband, actor Elliott Gould, in 1963 – with whom she had a son, Jason – she found overnight success in Funny Girl. Feted by the critics, she was featured on the cover of Time, and awarded an Oscar for the role, which she shared with Katharine Hepburn. directed by Gene Kelly, Vincente Minnelli’s On a Clear Day You Can See Forever and, in 1973, The Way We Were.

Take the new album cover: down to the last minute I’m there, trying to get the exact peach colour I want but it keeps coming out beige – and I’m not a beige person.” Few would query that, and Streisand accepts that a desire to impose authority on the world around her has always been there. “Like I’m living in a world that’s going nuts.” The 69-year-old Oscar-winning actress is the bestselling recording artist in history – the only female singer ever to record 50 gold, 30 platinum and 13 multi-platinum albums.

” Disproving her point, she goes on to describe one such moment eloquently. It’s beyond thought and the conscious mind.” Some might say that a great part of Streisand’s talent both on stage and on screen is precisely that internal, sealed-off quality.

“I was at the microphone singing This Is One of Those Moments when suddenly my voice started doing something that we didn’t rehearse – another melody. Every lyric is not just sung but lived out across her face and in her gestures, as is every role.

“I’ll never forget the first words Marilyn ever said to me,” says Streisand, with the suspended gaze of one of her film heroines. ” Years later, at the premiere of The Prince of Tides in London, Princess Diana was to ask her exactly the same question. All these years on I still don’t know what it means.” Much has been written about Streisand’s shyness, both on and offstage.

“The protocol was that she should get up first at the end of the film and the rest of us would follow, but she pushed me up first, which I thought said a lot about her.” And did she – by then – “know how wonderful she was”? She avoided live performances for many years due to stage fright, although when she did return to the concert hall in 2006-7 the tour was one of the highest-grossing of any in the world that year.

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